Management Consulting Techniques Unboxed!

The difference between management consultants and entrepreneurs are minimal. Most entrepreneurs are subject matter experts in a particular area and get known in the industry for those skills. However, what about the other areas?

Management consultants have been schooled to know hunt, far and stay ahead. We understand how to identify market trends, develop thought leadership pieces, develop and build relationships, business development, sales strategies, deliver excellence and account management.


If you have ever asked yourself:

  • “How do I network successfully?”
  • “How do I create a sales proposal and how to price a proposal or create a P/L?”
  • “How can I advance my career?”
  • “Is my role/job at risk of being automated and how to get ahead of the curve?”
  • “How do I transition from corporate world to an independent consultant?”
  • “How I can I grow my income?”
  • “How much money do I need to earn?”

These are the questions that my students, clients, family and friends were asking. So, why am I doing this? 

For my nieces and netphews. The next generation.

This is a picture of me & my 2 sisters, like 10 years ago.  We really need to get a picture of just the 3 of us.  These days, all of my nieces & nephew dominate the photo scene!

Then I was surprised that my sister and her friends were paying for career and business coaching services that didn’t achieve any results. The gap was that they hand’t actually mutually defined outcome. This is where I can help.

Many entrepreneurs/freelancers/consultants are an amazing expert in a particular field and deliver exceptional services but they lose the trust of their clients along the way. There is a misalignment between expectations, definitions, timelines and so on. this is where I come in. I am going to share the management consulting practices to help with those not so fun operational pieces.


Why? I’m adnvace paying it forward for my nieces and nephew!


I’m going to be everyone’s big sister so that when my nieces and nephew get older, others can provide them the truth and guidance that they need to be able to grow.

Everyone at an individual level is looking for their own growth strategies, whether it’s developing a side hustle or advancing in their careers. Now, I’m taking all these corporate best practices, consulting industry standards and applying them to individuals so that they can stay ahead of the game.


I transform organizations and people into masterminds to drive growth opportunities

A bit more about me:

  • Over two decades of International Management Consulting Experience
  • A globally Certified Management Consultant (CMC) https://www.cmc-canada.ca/home
  • A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) https://www.cpacanada.ca/en
  • Part-time professor at George Brown College – teaching Intro to Management Consulting 
  • Lifelong learner, Citizen of the world and LOVE meeting new people!
  • Full bio here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sapnamalhotra/


I transform organizations and people into masterminds to drive growth opportunities

So… stay tuned with more fun information that will be coming your way! And hopefully, you’ll pay it forward so that it reaches my nieces and nephew’s generation! x

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