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Sapna Malhotra

I drive technology strategy and investments for sustainable results

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 In today's dynamic market, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. I'm a digital transformation leader who helps businesses ride the technological wave and achieve market leadership. I do this by crafting and guiding strategic initiatives in innovation and digital transformation. My expertise lies in translating emerging technology and financial strategies into actionable plans that drive long-term digital value.

But my approach goes beyond just the technology. I understand the crucial role of clear communication and insightful foresight. I bridge the gap between technical complexities and executive-level decision-making by delivering clear and concise strategies that resonate with boardrooms.

My passion lies in empowering organizations to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape. I do this not just by providing answers but by fostering a culture of critical thinking and proactive risk management. By “asking better, smarter questions," I help teams anticipate challenges and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Ready to unlock the transformative power of technology? 

Let's discuss how I can help your organization navigate the digital revolution and achieve sustained success.

Ready to ask better, smarter questions?


Imposter Spectrum: Where do You Fall?
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Mission Statement

The mission is clear: Empower individuals and organizations globally by fostering resilience and enhancing board quality standards by strategically applying insightful, perhaps disruptive, questioning. Education and awareness drive progress and are dedicated to cultivating inquisitive leadership and continuous learning. With tailored guidance and foresight, we aim to instigate transformative change within dynamic industries such as financial services, telecom, and technology management consulting. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to innovation, we inspire creative and strategic thinking, shaping a more resilient and empowered future for all.


India and Canada: A Relationship in the Crossroads

Best of Both Worlds: India-Canada Tech & Innovation

At this conference, organized by the India Innovation Institute, we will examine the India-Canada relationship

Date and time

Thu, Apr 18, 2024 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM EDT


Rotman School of Management

105 Saint George Street Toronto, ON M5S 3E6 Canada

Sapna Malhotra standing at the lecturn

Meet Sapna Malhotra

A Data-Driven Leader for Digital Transformation

Leveraging Expertise Across Industries

Sapna boasts a rich international background, having led digital transformations for Fortune 100 companies in finance, telecom, and technology consulting. Her experience spans high-growth environments and turnaround situations, demonstrating her adaptability and success in diverse scenarios.

Innovation and Strategic Thinking

Renowned for her entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking, Sapna fosters inquisitive leadership, encouraging a culture of questioning and exploration. This is evident in her track record of excelling in digital technology transformations, a process that requires a constant push for improvement.

Building Resilience

Her focus extends beyond just digital transformation. Sapna prioritizes user-centric solutions while simultaneously enhancing regulatory and technological resilience. This ensures that the solutions implemented are not only practical but also sustainable in the face of evolving regulations and technologies.

Proven Leadership

Sapna's impressive career includes founding and leading Digiruptor Consulting, as well as holding senior leadership roles at Scotiabank, Amdocs Consulting, and Accenture. Her diverse experience combined with her certifications as a CMC, CPA, and ICD.D solidify her credentials as a highly skilled leader in digital transformation.

Knowledge Sharer and Motivator

Sapna's commitment to continuous learning and employee empowerment is evident in her work as an author and speaker. By sharing her insights, she inspires others to think creatively and strategically, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and growth within her teams and the industry.

Client-Centric Focus

Sapna's expertise encompasses strategy consulting, boardroom dynamics, technology risk management, governance, and project execution. This comprehensive understanding allows her to deliver client and industry-focused solutions, ensuring that the implemented transformations have a tangible impact.


Leticia G. Ontario, Canada 

Today was a spectacular day, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Project World*Bussiness Analyst World in the city of Toronto. ...Thanks to Sapna Malhotra, CMC, CPA, ICD.D who filled us with energy and made us reflect on the impostor that we all carry inside her in her presentation "I'm an Imposter, Hear Me Roar!" with powerful images and empowering words. Thanks to Jude Chagas Pereira for sharing his experience and vision for successfully addressing projects in his conference "Managing Projects in Today's Volatile Environment". Also thanks to Samra Zafar from whom I had the opportunity to listen to her deep and thoughtful talk about the social nature of people, equality, equity, and justice in society and their impacts on processes, companies and society. industry. A special mention to my fellow volunteers Katrina Alejo, Judy Javier, Justin Homer, Bryan C., Preeyapa J., Kabiru Osigwe Jubril, Pallavi Mahapatra, Ishant Tyagi, Siddhartha. Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and making this experience so fun, you are the best! Finally, I thank my professor Chris Spraakman for the invitation to this event, thank you for trusting me. Without their encouragement, I would not have had this incredible experience. Tomorrow I'm going for more...

Jasrin K. Toronto, Canada

Had a fantastic day at the Project World Conference today with PMBA Conferences ! 🚀 One of the things I love most about project management is the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams and see a project through from start to finish. I had the privilege of listening to some amazing speakers, including Brian Mohr, Dr. Jimmy Godard, DM/IST, MBA, CB-PMO, PMOGI-ABPI, PMP, Sapna Malhotra, CMC, CPA, ICD.D, Dave S., and Samra Zafar. The sessions were incredibly engaging, covering a wide range of topics such as innovation, transitioning to agile methodologies, future skills, and more. What resonated with me were discussions on building authentic connections, embracing adaptability, combating imposter syndrome, advancing equity, promoting real inclusion, and creating a strong sense of belonging for everyone involved. Looking forward to applying these insights in my project management journey!




How to position technology investments to the Board?   


Revalidating/Developing Strategy Roadmaps to key Board themes (i.e., net zero/digital transformation) Brings diverse expertise in strategy consultancy, boardroom dynamics, technology risk management, governance, and project execution, ensuring client & industry-focused outcomes.


Are your In-flight Technology Strategy /Investment plans feasible to deliver the digital/benefits expected, or do you need to pivot?  


Creating a storyboard everyone understands from Boardrooms/Finance/Technology/HR/Risk, etc... Proficient in navigating high-growth and turnaround scenarios, recognized for fostering inquisitive leadership and excelling in digital technology-driven transformations to enhance regulatory and technological resilience.


Do you know how to identify and gain PRODUCTIVITY and FINANCIAL efficiencies in your business while designing future workforces? 


Actionable Insights-  Creating a culture & catalog of services that continually drive improvement & aligning it to the overall plan.

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