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The goal of this book is to bring the fun and ease back into networking; to give you the tools you need to network successfully, and meet some new, interesting people. Too many people hate networking because they were never taught how to do it. But we management consultants have been schooled in networking and naturally do it without blinking an eye. I’m going to share all of these tips and tricks with you, so that you have the right tools to be successful.

This companion workbook will help you put things into perspective.



What is Connect the Dots?


Somewhere in the recent past, networking became an almost
meaningless mechanical exchange of handshakes, business cards,
and no authentic value.

This book shows you the techniques that will help you bring the
ease and pleasure back into networking. After all, networking is
about making meaningful relationships and building a genuine
support network. And, can’t we all use a little help?

The goal of the book is to bring the fun and ease back into
Networking and to meet interesting people. The book teaches
people some techniques to build the natural ease of networking.
Too many people hate networking and yet it’s a necessity of life.
It’s a necessary life skill as no one gets ahead in life without a
little help.


You can make more friends in two months by becoming
interested in other people than you can in two years by trying
to get other people interested in you.

– Dale Carnegie

Connect the Dots Features


Networking is the start of building mutually beneficial relationships; whether that’s to make new friends, new connections, find new opportunities, or new adventures. Who doesn’t want to meet interesting people to be inspired. There is no shortage of a reason to put ourselves out there.

This book provides you with the tools, and the process, for networking in person – and on social media. How to introduce yourself that makes you more intriguing, how to follow-up, easy & fun ice-breaker, the etiquette of networking, and ultimately how to start building relationships that will create more opportunities and have fun while doing it!

The objectives of the book are to provide:


  • Techniques to meet more interesting people
  • How to craft a great intro that generates intrigue in you
  • Ice-breaker for all different aspects of your life (that are not cheesy)
  • Remove the stress of small talk
  • Discover different networking approaches & tactics
  • Engage others in a fun way that is authentically you
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Be seen as a value creator
  • Develop network road map, including leveraging social media
  • And so much more…

Turn Strangers Into Meaningful Relationships

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