In Jan 2019, I announced the Brainfood Virtual Book Club. It was a new experiment that could go horribly wrong, but I thought WHY NOT? It’d be a fun learning experience. And, I’m all about learning and trying new things.   

Six Months Later, what have the results been? It’s been AMAZING! We’ve regularly meet the 1st Monday of the month, during lunch hours. Results… we’ve created a really new ecosystem of friends. That’s right. Strangers have become friends. This experiment has become a success and has become one of our new essential tools in our tool kit! 🙂

We have shared so much about our personal lives, that was stimulated by the book topic. It’s remarkable how much we have learned about ourselves through this. In fact, this monthly virtual get together has become our FUEL that gets our engines running for the next few weeks.

This virtual business book club has sparked and inspired so much, from asking for help, to brainstorming to just laughter during our lunch hour. We do publish, some of the highlights & ‘AHA’s from our book club, but we edit out all our personal stuff. It’s kinda like Vegas. What happens in BrainFood Book Club, stays there.

We’ve read some incredible titles to date:

  1. February 4th, 2019: Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay-Stainer
  2. March 4th, 2019: Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns
  3. April 8th, 2019: The Three Questions by Don Miguel Ruiz
  4. May 6th, 2019: Your One Word by Evan Carmichael
  5. June 3rd, 2019: Back to Human by Dan Schawbel
  6. July 8, 2019: Best Self: Be You, Only Better by Michael Bayer 
  7. August 12th, 2019: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas
  8. Sept 9th, 2019: This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Want to join but afraid you won’t have time to read. Guess what! You don’t need to read the book to join the BrainFood Book Club 🙂 We meet once a month, for 45 minutes, virtually, during lunch. It’s a great way to network, get energized and inspired. Feel free to join, it’s free, it’s fun and a great way to learn & get inspired with others. I’ve added the BrainFood Book Club link here. Feel free to share with others that might need a little extra ‘juice’ in their mojo!  

We are always looking for new titles to add and we’re open to recommendations.

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