Ever heard that saying “You can’t go back again?”

This weekend, I drove by my old home town, where I grew up and went to high school. I haven’t been back in nearly a decade. Literally speaking, 10 years. As I drove and walked around, I noticed how much has changed.

My old house, didn’t even look like my old house. The restaurants and shops that I went to, very few of the originals were there. Everything looked and felt different. As I was trying to remember my past, my memories and experiences, it didn’t feel like those memories belonged there. Everything felt different. 

It got me thinking, “can we go back again?, was that saying true? The answer is that ‘We should go back”.

The video store that used to be there, no longer exists. It reminds us that at anytime, things that were essential in our lives can become non-existent, if we do not keep up with the pace of time.

The local seamstress, has expanded and has opened up a weight loss clinic. Very clever, as people lose weight, they can get their clothes altered. 

The local pub, is still named the same but has a new logo, look and feel. Providing a more modernized experience. 

Even challenging our current understanding, for example, the reason why doctors use fax machines, is that it’s the safest way to transmit patient information to another office, without any data breaches.

I realized that it was important to go back, so that we can see how much we have changed and grown. More importantly, we should be looking at different drivers from the current context to see that if things still fit the narrative.  

It got me thinking, when was the last time that you looked at a business case that was created over a year ago, to understand if the same assumptions still exist? Or review that template that has been used for years and re-read it with a clear set of eyes. Or chatted with a different department to see if there are new synergies or partnerships that could be created.

We should go back, just to re-examine and re-evaluate, does the current situation fits the current context or are we operating on old?

Let me know your thoughts.


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